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Insect FREE! 

 Mozzipel™ is a long lasting, plant based natural mosquito and insect repellent. It is a DEET free alternative to synthetic insect repellents and scientifically proven to be as effective.

Use  Mozzipel™ when walking, cycling, climbing, camping, golfing or just lying around on the beach.


Long Lasting

and Effective


DEET free and

kind to skin


Repels a range

of insects

Up to 10 hours protection in high and low risk areas. Lasts just as long and works just as well as synthetic repellents.

For those that care what goes onto their skin. A plant based and DEET free alternative.

Repels ALL insects including, mosquitoes, black flies, stable flies, fleas, ticks, sand fleas etc.


Family Friendly


Plant Based


A South African Company

Safe and suitable for use by pregnant women, babies and young children.

The active ingredient is extracted from plants and is classed as GRAS (generally regarded as safe) in the USA.

Manufactured in South Africa and then distributed internationally