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About us.

Mozzipel is manufactured in SOUTH AFRICA by Pharma Marketing International. (PMI)

PMI is a leading solutions provider in renewable-based specialty products with global contacts and operations spanning Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Australia. We are dedicated to providing consumers with best-in-class products derived from natural and or/safe sources and we are guided by an inventive spirit that goes beyond providing high performance solutions to assist our consumers to cope with the challenges of products that are going greener by the day. Backed by cutting-edge research, technology, and development and in-depth understanding of markets and customer needs, we expand the boundaries of science and advance sustainable solutions into a wide-ranging portfolio that includes our very exciting Mozzipel active that is natural and safe.

PMI was formed in 2002 when the opportunity for a specialized, dynamic, marketing orientated company was identified. The company has developed various unique technologies with its partners and has invested largely in ensuring that these technologies are effective. PMI has also formed and developed an excellent South African operation in addition to its very strong and well run export department. PMI also occupies a strategic position and advantage due to our regional and anticipated global presence, acquaintance with various local cultures and values, knowledge and relationships with various marketing networks, commitment to the continuous development and improvement of infrastructure, our method of control and the monitoring of the various business functions.    

PMI also has plans to set up at least 4 additional manufacturing facilities in strategic International locations in an effort to ensure that Mozzipel™ and the other technologies that we do are available globally and that we are able to supply the demand that will be created by our efforts and various global interest.

Our team, based in Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA, are constantly working on new ranges and brands to give the most innovative and design-led products in the human and pet markets in Africa and other strategic countries around the world.