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What mosquito products are safe for babies?

Mosquitoes are reported to be the most dangerous and deadly creature in the world. According to the AMCA (American Mosquito Control Association), 

Who would have thought that a simple bug could bring such horrible disease? It is important that you pay close attention to anyone with a compromised immune system, the elderly, and especially babies.

Babies’ immune systems have not had a chance to develop fully making them highly susceptible to most mosquito transmitted diseases. They are also not fully able to defend themselves from the constant assault from mosquitoes and flies.

Luckily, there are many forms of protection that you as parents can use to combat this if your kids’ health is a concern. The easiest and best way to protect your child is by covering his or her exposed skin. You want to minimize the area that the bug can get to by having your child wear long sleeves and pants. It is also smart to cover their head with a hat or a hood guarding their scalp and face preventing a bug from getting into their eyes.

Mozzipel products are ideal for use on babies and small children as the active is classified as GRAS in the USA. (Generally Regarded As Safe). The petroleum jelly range can be applied all over the skin and generously.

If you are going to be heading out into the heat, make sure that the clothing your baby is wearing is light-weight, so your child stays cool. Also, make sure that your child is getting enough water to prevent dehydration.

Another solution for keeping bugs away from your child is to ensure your kids are free of perfumes or lotions. The scents in these concoctions actually attract insects significantly increasing the chance your baby will receive a bite and the chance of him or her contracting a mosquito-transmitted disease.  If mosquitoes are awful, you can cover his or her stroller with a mosquito net significantly reducing the chance of your baby being exposed to mosquitoes.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), one of the best solutions to lessen the risk of receiving mosquito bites is by using an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered insect repellent. By now you should know that the active in Mozzipel is approved by the EPA. There are many mosquito repellents out on the market today, and the list is always growing. With all of the information out there, it is a daunting task to be able to pick out a repellent to use that will actually do a good job; it is even more challenging to choose a repellent that is safe for your baby and kids. It is generally not recommended to use any spray on children under the age of 2 months, however, Mozzipel solutions are safe to use on all normal skin types and from any age.  Mozzipel solutions are the safest and best NATURAL option.